10 Reasons: Why India Needs to Go Vocal for Local Stores?

India is an economy that harbours a large number of local vendors. Livelihood of several lower middle class households is dependent on vending. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local vendors at different levels have been hit thoroughly. The ‘Go Vocal for Local’ initiative by the Indian Government has become more than necessary now.

Here are a few reasons why ‘Go Vocal for Local’ has become absolutely essential –

  1.  For the Economy to Bounce Back

The Indian Economy has experienced a hard blow during the course of lockdown in the country due to the pandemic. It has become absolutely important to go vocal for local which will allow the economy to leap back into the competition. The key to successfully aid the economy is to support the commerces that have been hit by the lockdown.

2. To Support the Local Vendors

Continuing from the previous point, the backbone of the economy, the vendors and small scale businessmen, have taken the worst hit. Digitization has helped a few but has left others behind. Digitization is another way in which one can go vocal for local where the local vendors can be accessed by the customers and vice versa. This will give them a wider clientele and help them stabilize their livelihood.

3. Better the Quality of Living

A good quality of living is something almost every citizen of the country craves. Sure, there have been drastic changes in the recent years, however, not everyone is privileged enough to access them. The intervention by the Indian Government will let the underprivileged lot reach a quality of living where basic needs are met easily. This shall ultimately contribute to the country’s growth and stature.

4. Create Better Employment Opportunities

Now, to have a quality living, a sustainable employment is essential. Going vocal for local will help in creating better employment opportunities which in turn will aid the economy. Even with just one person with a good job in one family can make a significant change. This can be possible with the intervention.

5. Encourage Entrepreneurship in India

In order to create better employment opportunities, young entrepreneurs in India should also be supported. Youth of today is quite creative and has the ability to build something on their own. This way, plenty of employment opportunities can be created for the ones who are just looking to support themselves and their families.

6. Support Home-Based Businesses

Women as well as several men have home owned businesses which are limited to an area or colony. Normally, women start these businesses to help out with the finances while others do it for hobbies. These home-based businesses if supported have the ability to create jobs.

7. Render Recognition to Talent

India is a diverse country where diversity is observed in talent as well. From various corners of the country, many talented individuals rise but because of the lack of recognition, they are forced to take up a mainstream career. ‘Go Vocal for Local’ will allow the branding of these talents and Indian start-up firms can stand on this idea.

8. Brand ‘Incredible India’

Several foreign travel bloggers and vloggers have talked about how India is truly incredible.Tourism in India can provide immensely to the economy and the ‘Go Vocal for Local’ is the initiative that will provide the branding of ‘Incredible India’. Besides, travel and tourism is one of the most common sectors for employment among the youth.

9. Promote In-house Education

Students from various parts of the world come to India for education. Education sector is one of those sectors in India that can provide generously to the economy. With the promotion of in-house education, the country can benefit in so many ways and can be a way
to help the economy get back on track.

10. Modernization

Modernization is a process. There are various ways in which the ‘Go Vocal for Local’ campaign can boost the process of modernization. The locals can be introduced to the new technologies and their reach can be enhanced allowing them to incorporate newer methods by themselves.

The ‘Go Vocal for Local’ initiative by the Indian Government has the potential to turn out revolutionary. There are multiple aspects to this intervention that can create a unique image of the country. These were the 10 reasons why India needs to ‘Go Vocal for Local’, although, there are plenty of other ways in which the intervention is useful.

Lajawabkart Going Vocal for Local

Lajawabkart is a unique initiative that is set to help the local stores grow their reach and earn a better living. With this, the local shop owners, suppliers of day to day requirements, and the small scale business persons shall benefit immensely. From the field of fashion, pharmacy and several others, Lajawabkart.com has provided a platform for many. The initiative intends to contribute to the ‘Go Vocal for Local’ intervention by supporting these small scale shop and business owners and aid the economy of the country.

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