How to Register Shop on Lajawabkart

Lajawabkart is made to help the local business achieve new heights. This initiative shall encourage the local and ‘Make in India’ projects which will in turn aid the economy of the country. We have sellers working with us from various cities and areas who also were looking to grow their business.

If you are one of these sellers and wish to set up shop with us, you will find here all that you need to know. The process is simple and you will be able to register with us with least stress. You can follow the given procedure.

How to Register?

As mentioned above, the process to get registered with is not as complicated. If you follow the following listed procedures step by step, you will be registered with us and in no time will your business have clients from across the country.

Visit the website:

First and foremost thing to do is to visit the link provided above. There will be several options to purchase and sell. You will have to click on the ‘Sell With’ option to go ahead with the registration process.

Now, ‘Register your shop’    

Next step is to click on the ‘Register your shop’ button. When done so, you can then move on to the next page to carry out further procedures.

Fill out the ‘Store Registration Form’

The ‘Store Registration Form’ is an essential part of the process and it needs to be filled out carefully. In case you have any doubts regarding any section of the form, you can give us a call. Also important, all the details that you are providing must be correct and verifiable.

‘Username’ and ‘Password’

At the time of filling out the form, you will have to generate a Username and Password for your account as well. You can use your email address as your Username and carry on to enter other necessary details in the form.

Next, you see the store Application. enter all  the fields

Upon completion of the previous form, you will see a dialogue box that will show the message of successful filling of form. After this, you will have to fill out another form for ‘Store Application’. This form will include various details such as Store name, Bank account name, Bank account Number, Bank Name, IFSC code, Pan number as mandatory fields and other required details. When you are done, press ‘Apply To Be a Store’ button.


Your application details will now be sent to Lajawabkart.

When the above forms are filled, the application will then be sent to Lajawabkart for review. Upon receiving the approval from the same, an email will be sent to your registered email ID with the same message.

Welcome to your Lajawabkart E-commerce platform.

How to Upload Product

With the successful completion and approval of your shop setup on Lajawabkart, you can now start uploading your products. The process to do so is pretty straightforward and you can do it whenever you have new products to add. The step by step procedure to add your items to the site are given as follows:

Login into your account

To login into your registered shop account, enter your Username and Password and click on the ‘Sign in’ button below. You have now entered into your account.

‘Manage Your Store’

Next, you will have to go to the ‘Manage your Store’ section to carry on with the process of adding products. Then click on the ‘Add Product’ button in the same section.

Enter the details

When listing your product, there are a few details that are essential to define the item. Product Name, Product Description and Product Short Description are the details that you will have to add at the time of listing. Then select a category and brand name, add tags such as #MI,#Shoes, set a featured image and gallery images for the product.

Then select the product type, either simple or variable product. Enter SKU which refers to a Stock-keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. In layman terms, it is a product code.

Most importantly, enter retail price and sale price for your product.

Do the taxes

If any kind of tax is levied on your product/s, then select the ‘Taxable’ option and move on to select the Tax Class as well.

In Inventory  check the Manage your stock.  It will show stock quantity and Backorder option. Entered stock. Select backorder option as per requirement

‘Manage your stock’

After you have added your taxes, you can now go to the ‘Manage your Stock’ option to add further details of the product. In the ‘Shipping’ tab, enter the Weight and Dimensions of the item; In the ‘Linked Product’ tab, set the link of another product of yours; If the product is Variable, then select the Attribute for the same, else, you can carry on to press the ‘Add Product’ button.

Your product is now added to the Menu and Menu Bar option. Congratulations!

Alternatively, you can watch the instructional video –

How to Set Featured Image?

Setting a featured image for your product is important. It is the first image of the product that will bring the customer to your product, the first impression is the best impression. Given below is a detailed process of how you can set a featured image for your product.

Click on the pop-up

To set the image, click on the pop-up window that will take you to the option. There you will see a ‘Select Files’ button through which you can upload an image from your device. Select and open the product image and you will then see the image details on the right side. Once the selected image is uploaded, press ‘Set Product Feature Image’ button.

Alternative Procedure

If you have already uploaded images,you will find them in your ‘Media Library’ under the section of ‘Uploaded Images’. Select the image and set it as a featured image. You can follow the previous procedure to add product images from your gallery.


How to Set Variable product?

There is another process that you need to follow in order to set a variable product. This was mentioned in the first set. In order to do so, you can follow the below given steps.

Attributes Tab

In the Attributes tab, you will see a drop-down menu where you have options for choosing color and size attributes. When you have selected your attributes, you can then press the ‘Add’ button. Next, click on the ‘Expand’ button and check the entered values such as color name and size as size.

Now, look for a ‘Variations’ checkbox. You can now select the ‘Create Variations’ option from all attributes and press the ‘Go’ button. You will then see a pop-up window for successfully created variations. Expand the same and set the ‘Default Values’ and enter all the details and set the image. Press ‘Add Product’ button now.

Your product is added on the ‘View Store’ menu on the Menu Bar.

You can also watch the instructional video:


How to Add Coupons?

If you have offers or coupons for your products, that would be a great set up to attract more potential buyers to your products. You can choose the limits as well. Given below is the process for adding coupons to the products.

Coupons Menu

Click on the Coupons menu in the main Menu bar. Press the ‘Add Coupon’ button then and enter the Coupon code and Coupon description. You can then go ahead and select the discount type as a fixed discount or percentage discount. If the coupon is applied to all your products, then check into the checkbox that says ‘Apply to all Products’.

Then, click on the ‘User Restriction’ tab and enter the needed details. Next, click on the ‘Usage Limit’ tab and then press the ‘Add Coupon’ button upon filling out the last details.

Added coupons can be seen in the main menu bar.

You can also watch the instructional video:


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