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CORONA HAARI GANESH 12 Inch Eco Friendly Idol – Free Home Delivary


Being Green is offering you home delivery and visanjan service without any charges to avoid crowd gathering on these festive days. In this Corona time we request all the Punekars, please follow the social distancing guidelines and protect yourself from this corona virus. Let’s pray VIGHNHARTA to save the humanity from wrath of this virus.


Height= 1 ft. (approximately)

Weight= 3 to 3.5 Kg

Dimension= 5X8X12 inch

No refund policy.

These customized Ganesha idols are made up of shadu clay and coated with multani clay. The colors used are all natural colors like Turmeric that is Haldi, Kumkum, Ashtgandha and Kaavi. These are 100% eco-friendly idols which dissolve in water within an hour.

These eco-friendly Ganesha idols are hand crafted in town Pen, District Raigad which is famous for crafting World class Ganesha Idols. In June first week, this town was affected badly due to fierce cyclone Nisarga. Due to cyclone Nisarga and Covid-19 there is 30 to 40% less production than previous year. Let’s give them helping hand by buying these eco-friendly Ganesha idols crafted by artisans from Pen.


Booking Number will be informed by message or call by Lajawabkart.

Home Delivery start of 5th  August to 21st  August due to COVID 19.


तमः स्तोमहारनं जनाज्ञानहारं त्रयीवेदसारं परब्रह्मसारम् ।

मुनिज्ञानकारं विदूरेविकारं सदा ब्रह्मरुपं गणेशं नमामः ॥

Ganesh Mantra says: the one who expropriate darkness of ignorance; a deterrent to deluded minds of devotees, the knower of Vedas in essence, Parbramha himself, Omniscient and giver of knowledge to Munis & the one who is aloof from psychosis. I take refuge at the feet of Brahmrup Ganesha.

Today we all are facing in the Covid-19 pandemic and are at the risk of catching this infectious, contagious disease. No matter how big the calamity is this pandemic is bound to disappear in the near future. With the first Bhadrapada’s welcoming drizzles CORONA HAARI will take over this pandemic. With the arrival CORONA HAARI, he will carry off all the problems occurring due to Corona virus like job losses, economic fluctuations, educational problems, food scarcity, insecurities, frequent lockdowns and constant fear. Along with physical health there is another aspect which needs to be nurtured and it is psychological well-being. We must also achieve the state of mind which is independent of psychosis. During this pandemic we must inculcate Dhyana, Yoga, Samadhi practices in our daily life which boosts insula in our cerebral cortex which receives sensory information from the environment & helps one to live in the present moment.

Look at this Idol carefully; you will see glorious & victorious posture of Ganesha sitting as the Lord of three lokas. His right foot is resting on golden tabak while the other is carefully placed on the lap. Both wrists and biceps are adorned with golden Bhujbandha. Let’s bring this idol and convert this Coronaapatti into Ishtapatti and start becoming Atmanirbhara means self-dependent. May Lord help all of us to become a citizen of Atmanirbhar nation.


Country of Origin: India

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 20.32 × 30.48 cm


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