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CORONAANTAK GANESH 12 Inch Eco Friendly Idol – Free Home Delivary


Being Green is offering you home delivery and visanjan service without any charges to avoid crowd gathering on these festive days. In this Corona time we request all the Punekars, please follow the social distancing guidelines and protect yourself from this corona virus. Let’s pray VIGHNHARTA to save the humanity from wrath of this virus.


Height= 1 ft. (approximately)

Weight= 3 to 3.5 Kg

Dimension= 5X8X12 inch

No refund policy

These customized Ganesha idols are made up of shadu clay and coated with multani clay. The colors used are all natural colors like Turmeric that is Haldi, Kumkum, Ashtgandha and Kaavi. These are 100% eco-friendly idols which dissolve in water within an hour.


These eco-friendly Ganesha idols are hand crafted in town Pen, District Raigad which is famous for crafting World class Ganesha Idols. In June first week, this town was affected badly due to fierce cyclone Nisarga. Due to cyclone Nisarga and Covid-19 there is 30 to 40% less production than previous year. Let’s give them helping hand by buying these eco-friendly Ganesha idols crafted by artisans from Pen.

Booking Number will be informed by message or call by Lajawabkart.

Home Delivery start of 5th  August to 21st  August due to COVID 19.


एकदन्तं महाकायं लम्बोदरगजाननम्ं।

विध्ननाशकरं देवं हेरम्बं प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

The puranic literature says; in the kingdom of Anga there lived a priest and his wife. They prayed fervently to Lord Ganesha & were blessed with 2 children; they were named Naraantak & Devaantak. They entered into the battle with Indra and captured the throne of Amravathi. After a short reign of peace they started troubling saints, seers & benevolent people. Seeing this deteriorating situation; Saint Kashyap’s wife Aditi prayed to Ganesha to save the innocent people. Contemplating on her prayer; Lord Ganesha appeared before Naraantak and Devaantak as their end.

Today doctors all over the World are giving their best against the virus Corona. The whole World crucially needs Lord Ganesha to appear infront of Corona virus in the form of Covid-19 vaccine to end this pandemic and let us relive puranic literature sayings.

The Idol is remarkable and phenomenal. Ganesha is resting comfortably on the royal Sinhasana with everlasting calmness on face. Bappa in this idol is manifesting the quality of awareness and nobility. Mushakraj is resting at Lord’s feet and aiding him to conquer this n-Corona virus.

Let’s bring this idol and take pledge to act as a Coronaantak for yourself and your family and society at large by wearing mask, following social distancing norms and building innate immunity in your body.


Country of Origin: India

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 20.32 × 30.48 cm


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